Monday, May 08, 2006


My first FO from the book

Here is my version of the smallest square box. The left side shows the pre-felted version and the right is after felting. The doubled yarn makes the box nice and firm, but it didn't shrink much during the felting process. I used some leftover Lamb's Pride Bulky and finished it in just a few hours. I am also working on square #3 of the mitered blanket. It's been great seeing all the photos and variations that everyone has posted!

lambs pride should felt a little cleaner than that. i would throw it back in the washing machine for a cycle. you should be able to get it to where you can't see any stitches at all! great job...i love the color!
Do you have a top- or front-loading machine? Frontloaders aren't as effective when it comes to felting. I only know one woman who has good luck with hers.
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