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Beginner Needs Dishcloth Help

Thank you to all of you who commented on my first post and encouraged me to begin with a dishcloth. And thanks to Cristina for explaining "yarn over" and "slip one purlwise"! The pattern isn't difficult at all! As I just completed row 9, I realized I wasn't paying attention, and I knitted it incorrectly. I'll probably start over, which is fine. My question for you all is: Am I doing the right thing by cutting the yarn when I change colors? As you can see from the photo, I already have quite a few ends to weave in, and I only just completed row nine. Also, the pattern doesn't say anything about cutting the yarn or weaving in the ends. What should I do?


Hi Katy! Put down your scissors! 8 ) This is a NO CUTTING REQUIRED pattern!

You don't need to cut yarn when you change colors. When you start color B, simply carry color A up the side of your work as you knit. When it's time to return to color A, just pick up color A and start knitting with it. The color changes often enough that you won't have a big loop at the edge of your work.

Good luck--and keep us posted!
Thank you, Ann! Rather than dealing with all those cut pieces, I started over, and carrying the yarn is no big thing. I'm learning to knit using "Knitting for Dummies" and a DVD called "The Art of Knitting." There is no one around here who can help me, and the nearest LYS is 90 miles away! Your help is greatly appreciated!
hey katy! i made the same mistake when i first tried this and got help online (which is what inspired me to start this group!). the mistake i made, as that i accidently skipped a row which left me with my yarn on the wrong side of my knitting when it was time to change colors. ann said, put the scissors down, and grab a post-it or something that will help you follow along.
good luck!
dont forget to post your FO:)
I too did the same thing, though I didn't skip a row, I just was unsure cause the pattern doesn't specify. I couldn't imagine all of these ends.

Thank goodness for groups like these. I'll start over tonight too. And, Katy, I'm using the same variegated, but the lime as the second color instead of the blue. I'll post a pic when I start over!
I self taught myself from a book as well, and like you the nearest LYS is about 90 miles or so away. I also know absolutely NO ONE else who knits, except for my converts, so I sometimes use and a book I bought called Teaching yourself to Knit Visually. The book is kinda crappy, but usually explains all the terms that I don't understand.
Aloha Katy! From another knitter in a tiny town miles from nowhere! This KAL is a wonderful reminder that you have a huge community of knitters to support you! I salute all us knitters who have to spend our stash money on postage. I await your FO photo, and hope to start my dishcloth as soon as my cotton arrives via post...
I taught myself to knit, too. I would have to credit Sally Melville's "Knitting Experience" series for getting me started on the right track. There are so many great teaching books out there, that if you can read, you can learn to knit! Have fun!!
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