Monday, May 08, 2006


Log cabin washrag

I've avoided adult-sized blankets because I've heard the horror stories from other knitters - monotony, expense, sheer boredom and that I'll-never-get-this-finished feeling. But the log cabin technique was alluring...

I knit up a small swatch to see if I would enjoy it, and I'm happy to say that this book made a log-cabiner out of me. It's mucho fun! No sense in unraveling this small swatch, so I'm going to do another round on this and add another dishcloth to my collection.

Yarn: leftover Sugar'n Cream; Needles: US7

I'm totally digging the colors on this! tre's chic!
(sorry...that was my VERY lame attempt at french)...let me try again....
"totally awesome!" (i'm from california, can you tell?)
This is a cute idea.. that's why this knit along is so much fun.
One of the posters had a great idea that makes the idea of a log cabin blanket not so daunting. She has done four smaller versions and connected them. That really helps break up any tedium.
I love the colors!
I absolutely love the colors and the idea. I will definitely have to do that also. :)
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Ok, I'm gonna try to comment again...Blogger sure is acting weird this morning. As I was saying...

Thanks ladies, for the compliments! And for the tip - knitting some squares and sewing them together is probably a good gameplan for me.

And no worries, Cristina. My hubby is from the OC. Cypress, to be exact.
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