Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Welcome home little washrag

Finished the log cabin washrag this evening. Here it is in its natural habitat.

I decided against the border because 1) It was already the perfect size for me, and 2) I'm going to be washing dishes with it, so why spend the time?

I envy lkmanitou for finishing all of those round washrags for Mothers Day. Congrats!

That looks great!! I totally love the colors!
I agree w/Melissa! What lovely colors!!
The colors are great and I love that you tried Log Cabin on a small project! That's such a great idea!
Too fun! Now I want to make one. Ahhhhh, the list of future projects just keeps growing...
Thanks! I hope to finish up a fifth or sixth washcloth before I send out Mother's Day packages. Your log cabin washcloth is so pretty!
i really love this. great colors! i may have to use your idea to make log cabin dishcloth.
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