Wednesday, May 10, 2006


EEEE, I made it in!

My computer skills are not the best, so it took some finagling, but I'm here! Hi y'all. (can you tell I'm from Ann's neck of the woods?) After meeting her at last, and Kay, at Threaded Bliss Yarns & getting my very own autographed copy of MDK (as opposed to the way I got my Ann-autographed copy of Knit Lit...Ann, if you see this, hopefully you will remember me...Lisa from Nashville who mysteriously ended up with your autograph in the book that came from the book store? *g*)

Anyway, the book rawks, but you all don't need me to tell you that. I loved the Log Cabin, but didn't need another 'afghan', to say nothing of my minimal free time, which pretty much limits me to small projects. For example, the rag pillow cover I was knitting from an old pair of flannel pajama pants. It looked great, till I tossed it in the wash & it fell apart.
So, I had this 12 inch pillow form staring its blank stare at me, and a weekend to do...well, not much; my mom wasn't feeling well so I spent a lot of time sitting with her. I also had tons of wild colors of yarn from my recent amigurumi addiction. The end result was this.

Loud and uncoordinated, I know, but it was a ton of fun & I thought I'd share. ;D

I think a pair of log cabin pillows is exactly what my sofa needs. Thanks for the inspiration!
ok I want to blog but cannot figure out how to get it to post on Mason Dixon KAL can someone help?
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