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Sugar 'n Cream vs. Peaches & Creme

I've seen this question discussed in some of the comments on other posts but I don't see a clear answer to whether or not these yarns are indeed identical (or at least very similar). I am wanting to make the bathmat Absorba (pg 82). It calls for 3 cones of Peaches & Creme Double Worsted and says that 1 cone has 400 yards on it.

Now in my searches online I have found many people who say Sugar n' Cream and Peaches & Creme are interchangable (and it looks that way with everyone's washcloths). This site pits different cotton yarns against each other to see which performs best and lists both of them as having 120 yards in a 2.5 oz ball. Sounds identical to me!

But according to the Sugar 'n Cream website, the 1 lb cones have 805 yards of yarn on them. Compare that to the 400 yards that the Peaches & Creme cones supposedly have. That's twice as much yarn in 1 lb!

So then I was wondering if that could be explained by the fact that the pattern calls for "double worsted" Peaches & Creme. But looking at the Peaches & Creme website, there is no mention of a "double worsted" version being available.

I just don't want to go and buy 3 cones of Sugar 'n Cream (I've never seen Peaches & Creme in the stores) and have it not be thick enough. And I don't want to have to buy 6 cones of it and hold 6 strands of it throughout just to match the thickness of the Peaches & Creme. The thing I love most about that bathmat is its thickness!!

I hope that someone out there can tell me the difference between a cone of Sugar 'n Cream and a cone of Peaches & Creme or if there really is a "double worsted" version of the Peaches & Creme that I need to try and find (and where?).

Thanks so much!

Pound cones of Peaches & Creme can be found in the craft section of Wal-Mart. That's where I got mine for $6 and some change :D
Hi Allison! I just spoke with Jim The Third Lonon (that's how we're spoze to refer to him) at Elmore-Pisgah, and he splained the situation to me.

You are totally correct that the yarn specified in the Absorba pattern is twice as thick as the "regular" "worsted" Peaches & Creme.

You are also correct that it doesn't show up on the Elmore-Pisgah web site.

But you CAN get it from the Elmore-Pisgans--they are currently cranking out more double worsted, because they've had a lot of demand for it recently (hmmm). They may be out of stock of some of the colors, but they'll have more before long.

He said to be sure to tell everyone that they're making double worsted in most of the worsted Peaches & Creme shades.

And you are TOTALLY right that you don't want to be stranding six strands of worsted P & C together--you'll go nuts! Call 800-633-7829 to order double worsted directly from Jim The Third.

Good luck!
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I wanted to make this bathmat as a gift for someone, and I only have 2 weeks to do it. Since it's a bathmat and not a sweater, I'm gonna go out on a limb and use regular Sugar'n Creme and see how it turns out. My gameplan is to wind the 800yd cone into two balls. Then I'm going to knit with four strands held together.

It'll be a little tougher, but I'm a stubborn gal with my heart set on making this for my friend. When it's time to make my own, I'll use the double-worsted for sure.
That is funny...because I said Peaches and Creme and then that right looked up on here quickly and saw Sugar n Cream and figured I was I see that both are right....very strange!
When I google Peaches and cream double worsted this is the first hit.

If the link broke, you may have to copy and paste. It looks like they have it available.
If I remember correctly, the double-worsted cones directly from Elmore-Pisgah were $9-ish, and they're $14.95 from the link above. However, if they have it and you need it...!
Yes, but did you see how much shipping was at Elmore-Pisgah...twice as much as the cone of yarn cost!
Ep has DW and worsted wt . The DW has less yardage per lb but the reg worsted wt peaches and creme yarn has app. 840 yds per lb versus the DW 395 ypp
The company is called Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc.It was changed a few years ago from Elmore-Pisgah.

The website for information is:
To find Yarn on the site click on the left toolbar:
Products. There you will find 18 other products besdes Peaches & Creme and the 2 weights of
Peaches & Creme.

8 Ply Article 980 Peaches & Creme is twice the thickness of 4 Ply Article 930 Peaches & Creme.
You can order the yarn from the mill store on the website.

There are new 6 Colors in the Premium line of 4 Ply Peaches & Creme found on the 4 ply page or click on " What's New"

Along with yarn there are also kits, yarn specials- prepacks etc.

The difference in yarns is:
Peaches & Creme is 100% American made from fiber, yarn spinning, dyeing and processing. The yarn is a tighter spin, softer due to long fibers grown. The yarn is dyed and not sprayed or painted like others.

On Ravelry there is a Peaches & Creme group deditcated to answering questions, contests and
listening to customers.
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