Friday, May 12, 2006


Miter question....or Log Cabin....hmmmm..

I bought a Colinette kit last fall with yummy mohair and ribbon yarns in it to make an afghan. I don't really like the pattern...but it was a cheap way to get the yarn since they were having a sell on it. I wonder if I try to make the stitches on the lacey side if I could adapt it to the miter or log cabin pattern. I have a feeling that log cabin would probably be easier, because the mohair wouldn't probably show the miter pattern as well.....what do you all think???? Thanks for your opinions ahead of time!

I too suspect the fuzziness of the mohair might make the lines of the miter pattern harder to see. Go with your gut though. :-D
A log cabin vote here. Can't wai tto see it, what a great idea to use different textures.
I have one of those kits... and I was just eyeing it last night... it whispered beautiful log cabin. I have the all cream one... can you imagine it with a little color ribbon in it? Yummy!
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