Friday, May 12, 2006


Caught the Mitre bug

I'm still working away on the Moderne blanket. I'm on the 3rd color with 36 garter ridges. Not much progress to report because I cast on to try a mitre and haven't stopped! I've done 4 so far over the past 3 days. It's done with Rowan Cotton Glace on 3.75mm. All shades of pinks and purples for my daughter. I'm debating about whether to sew up as I go along or wait until all the squares are done. Any thoughts?

Personally I would sew up as I'm going along...but it depends on if you want to play with color combinations or not. Sewing up as you go along makes it less tedious.
I would probably agree with Dawn, but the quilter in me whispers... but what if I would miss a really cool possibility? What a great start. Love the colors!
Love your colors! As for the sewing...I avoid it like the plague. Might be easier to take in small doses by sewing some as you go. On the other hand, you might have more opportunity to mix and match the colors if you wait 'till the end. Hmmm...let us know what you decide! BTW, what yarn did you choose to use?
I wouldn't be able to resist sewing some as I go, so I could admire more of a finished product. Those colors are beautiful. Now THAT inspires me to try one.
Did you catch the No-Sew Mitred Square Blanket tutorial at Mason-Dixon Knitting? Here's the link:

Eliminates lots of the piecing and sewing for this blanket!

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