Friday, May 12, 2006


What up with my blanket?!

I didn't notice until last night that my blanket is not right, according to the book. The patch you see on the bottom should be on the top, right?

I cannot figure out what I did wrong, and if I keep going like this if it will come out okay anyway. ARGH! I know it is something obvious and I'm just dense. Help?! Okay, while I'm at it, how do you know which side is the right side - is the first row you work just that?

With garter stitch, I pick a RS that looks the best or is my preference and go from there - it really only applies to the first block anyway cause once you start adding color blocks, the RS is obvious (the side without seeing the picked up stitches. It looks like you picked up stitches for the wrong block?
Ok, no expert here, having done exactly one pillow in log cabin, but...the order you did them in is green, blue, yellow, brown, right? And you are stopped at the end of the brown, which in this pic would be the lower right hand corner? If so, I THINK if you rotate 90 degrees clockwise and go across the end of the brown, the side of the green & the end of the blue, you should be ok. Don't quote me on this though. :-D
Okay, so I'm looking at it, and all the picked up stitches are on the same side. dixie, that is the order I did them in. I have been doing the BO on the same side every time, and rotating the work to the right, then picking up the stitches heading left. I'm LMAO and crying at the same time because I am so lost!
I think it's fine. I'm adding color blocks onto mine, making it up as I go along, so yours looks great to me. If it's really bothering you, rip back. The beauty of this is that there are no stitches to worry about finding again later.

If this were mine, I'd start another block on the gold/brown side.
All right, this is my last question(s). Is the blanket supposed to be done the way it is explained in the book on page 68, or should I just be binding off completely and then picking up stitches? It's not really a big deal, I'm just trying to figure out how I'm supposed to get to the yellow and blue side doing the log cabin. Man I feel stupid!
It looks great to me! The beauty of Log Cabin knitting (Or any knitting for that matter IMHO) is that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do it. Just keep picking up stitches and knitting - if it doesn't look exactly like the one in the book, isn't that better? You've got your own original design there!

Have fun with it!

The difference is that you stuck block 4 on the BOTTOM of the A/B/C square rather than on the top (assuming that the book's diagram shows the blanket "top side up" or, indeed, that a blanket can have a top side.)

But, really, it doesn't matter. Knit on, sister. They're all different, that's part of the fun. For instance, I'm making mine out of Mission Falls Cotton, and it currently feels like sandpaper. Babies love sandpaper, right?
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