Friday, May 12, 2006


warshrags taking over the world

Later today I will finish the Ballband Dishcloth I’m knitting for my mom for Mother’s Day. I began it on Monday using Sugar & Cream in Light Blue & Ecru. There a mistake. But we don’t have to talk about it. I’d like to think that Kay & Ann would say it was my way of leaving my signature.

For years my mom would put the "R" in wash. So a Mason-Dixon "warshrag" is a perfect give for her I'd say. Oh, and she doesn't say it any more thanks to years of my making fun. The final straw was me telling her I had no idea who "Din-zil Warshington" was. I really am a good daughter. Really. I am.

How pretty. I don't see any mistake. Y'all need to look less hard ;)
This mom is knitting her own warshrags, as my daughter doesn't knit. (where did I go wrong):D
After I posted I realize that I made the mistake after I took these pictures. Maybe I'll post a finished project picture. Then you'll find it. My mom won't care. She'll think it was suppose to be that way.
aah, moms don't care about mistakes. :-)
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