Friday, May 12, 2006


Mason Dixon Before and After

Before After



Log Cabin
syrup in pantry------------------------------Obsession

Not-gonna-do-it-----------------------------see log cabin

Hardbacks w/
Dog Ears
None!!Never!!-------------------------------one, every other page

thinks I am nuts-----------------------------same

Love it--------------------------------------having more fun
than ever!!!

Thanks for indulging me. Above are three of my projects. The moderne baby blanket = and log cabin blanekt are in the works and are stash busters. The wash rag is great fun. I have sooooo enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm for this book. It has truly inspired me in a way no other book has....happy knitting and I can't wait to see all of the future posts!! Posted by Picasa

LOL very good. You seem to have captured the madness induced by Kay and Ann ;) A good madness I think.
Your projects are really looking good
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