Friday, May 12, 2006


Mother's Day Washcloths & Soap

Here's a first, I'm actually done with a present in time to think about actually wrapping it! Yes, I am wrapping challenged, if it doesn't fit in a gift bag, it's probably not going to get wrapped. We won't even mention the number of times that I have "wrapped" a UFO, only to snatch it back to finish.

I even milled some soap to match (crayolas make wonderful dyes for soaps). They didn't come out quite as nice as I would have liked. Usually, I would mix the colored bits with the white, then pour into molds or into a slab to be cut into bars when dry. I didn't think I had enough time to allow for the soap to dry after milling, so I just dropped the bits into the mold and poured the white around them. My Mom's pretty cool, she doesn't seem to mind this kind of experimentation!

That looks great! Do you know of any good links on milling soap? How hard is it?
Celophane and a nice ribbon. You don't have to wrap it nicely, just scrunch up the celophane and tie it with a nice ribbon (I bought a skein of Louisa Harding's Sari Ribbon, much cheaper and more glitzy than ordinary ribbon)
I love the way the soap turned out - remember there are no mistakes just design elements - that applies to soap too.
Thanks for your comments and tips on wrapping!

I've been using The Complete Soapmaker, by Norma Coney to make soap. This book has good pictures, clear directions and great ideas.
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