Friday, May 12, 2006


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

I've been working diligently on my Nina Shawl and's actually looking like a Nina Shawl!
Woo Hoo!!! and my Mother in Law said that I would never be able to follow a pattern because I don't "Knit the right way" ha ha!!

This is our Miniature Schnauzer Molly resting on the shawl -
You know you're loved when Mom lets you sleep on her work in progress.

The stripes have turned out a little differently as I was using a beautiful Paint Box yarn. The color changes make them look like the are different yarns and sizes.
But I love has all of my favorite colors.

I've already added many post-it notes to my book for the next few projects! Few??? Who am I kidding?????

That is really nifty yarn... I would have thought that you did color changes... and guess what? You did!!!! It looks wonderful... your little pooch has good taste.
You did great and Mother in laws can be quite opinionated. Who cares! Smart doggy! ;o)
That looks great - I hope you are knitting it for the one sleeping on it because I do think she has laid a claim on the piece.
The color changes look really nice. MIL, I like to think they mean well :D You shawl is beautiful.
That looks great. I guess I know whose MIL won't be getting any handmade gifts for Mother's Day or any other holiday!
What a sweet pup! And I love the shawl. It's one of the projects from the book I'll get to one of these days. Right now - Warshrags... I've done 3 in 2 days.

I can't wait to see your finished Nina.
My American Bulldog loves nothing better than to lay on my handknits in progress as well. I love the colourway.
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