Saturday, May 13, 2006


Ruffle Bib...

I was about to put this in the mail, but wanted to share a photo before I did. This was my second bib and since it was for a girl I thought I would put a little ruffle on it. I think it turned out pretty well! Sorry the photo is a little blurry because the flash ruined the colors!

I love the ruffles. What a cute addition. So girlie :)
i LOVE the ruffles. can you post what you did to add them? i think it is wonderful. ruffles make everything so girlie!
yes, please post what you did to add the ruffles. VERY cute!
Thanks all! Basically I cast on extra stitches and then did knit two togethers to begin. At the ends I did knit front and backs. There are more details in the Finished Objects sections of my blog
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