Saturday, May 13, 2006


Baby Kimono with eyelet edge

I just finished a washcloth and my Baby kimono. I did K2tog, YO across the bottom, stopping four stitches from the seam edge. Then I did 6 rows and bound off. After you stop increasing, I just did the same K2tog, YO knit 2, so the eyelets continued down to the row with the eyelets running across. I stopped doing the eyelet edge after the eyelet row. When I do the kimono again I will do the eyelets two stitches in from the sleeve cuff, so all the edges match. I think it came out pretty well.
The Kimono is Bernat Cotton Tots, the Washcloth is Peaches & Cream. I could only find one ball of the orange variegated at my local Wal-Marts, but it was more then enough with the added solid yellow.
I have to tell you it took forever to dry. And if I were using it to wash my face or dishes I can't imagine how long it would be, before it dried. This is a problem in our hot humid climate. Unless you pop it into the dryer each time it gets wet.
Let me tell you, if my daughter thought I was nuts knitting socks, she thinks I have truly gone around the bend knitting washcloths.

Aren't we all a little nuts? And knitting is great therapy. I am going to have to copy and paste your little eyelet touches into a Word Processor, print it out, and tuck it in my book. It looks wonderful!
Your Kimono looks really cute! Nice touch with the eyelets!
The Kimono is beautiful!!! I agree about the eyelet edge, it's going in my book too.
Lovely Kimono. :D
LOL thanks, I put a close up on my blog. I will say that wet this puppy qualifies as a toddler restraint device :)
I have been playing around with doing a picot edge, which must be madness in such a thick yarn. I like picot edges, and use them on socks a lot.
I can't tell from the photo... did you hold two strands together for the warshcloth>
I used a single strand for the washcloth. The peach variegated and a solid yellow.

I doubt I could knit a double strand. The singles were pretty hard on my hands.
Wonderful! I like the edge! Mine is blocking right now, and thanks for such excellent suggestions!
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