Sunday, May 14, 2006


Am I the only one having a problem

doing the warshcloth - I couldn't find Peaches and Cream so I am using the Sugar and Cream. Is it the same size or bigger - should I look for the other - will it make a difference in knitting it up. Or is it just that I am so used to having a yarn with more give or that will sprong (is that even a word) back when you knit it and I just have to get used to this?

Thanks - I have been feeling hopeless with this I have knit and frogged probably the equivalent of 3 warshcloths....

I used a size smaller than normal needles. I also used Sugar 'n Cream but with a size 6 needle. It takes a little getting used to because it's not stretchy, but you get used to it. Anyhow, I did. Good luck!
They are pretty much interchangeable. But it is knitting with 100% cotton that is making the difference. It really takes some getting use to. And part of it is finding needles that are right for you. I like metal needles, but others like plastic. The right needles make a big difference.
I wouldn't frog a washcloth. Remember what you are going to do with it. Call any mistakes design features ;)
Thanks I will start up again after dinner then -- and will plow thru to the end knowing I will get used to it - and I will try a size 6 needle too.
Based on a recommendation I read here, I swtiched to plastic needles, and it seemed much easier to me. I didn't seem to be struggling as I was with the bamboo needles. Hang in there! :-)
Ack, the needle question! I was addicted to bamboo until I started working with silk and wanted to pull my hair out over gauge issues. I switched to plastic and its much better. would never have occured to me re: cotton so thanks for posting the question and saving the rest of us the angst!
I had a similar reaction to the cotton Sugar & Creme yarn when I was working with it. Normally, I hate aluminum needles, but they seemed to make things go a little smoother. You are right, the cotton yarn doesn't have much give. Keep going though! You'll be happy you did!
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