Saturday, May 13, 2006



like most of the washcloths being made this month, mine too are for Mother's Day-- a bar of french soap wrapped up inside.
6 of them are Sugar 'n Cream cotton, one is made of cotton chenille. (2 more, not pictured are blocking)

those are just gorgeous! which ones are sugar and cream and which one is chinelle? fabulous job!!!!
they look beautiful!! so...which yarn won out in the finished project - chenille or the sugar n; cream?
How beautiful and fun! Love the way you photographed them!
I love the washclothes! The colors are beautiful together. They would look great sewn together as a blanket.
Those turned out very well--congratulations! When I work up the nerve (I've never bobbled before), I'll pick up some cotton chenille and give it a try.
in response to some questions: the top right pink one is the chenille. i decided not to make more chenille ones because: a) it is a tad out of my price range, 2) it was hard to see the decreases, and that made for slower knitting.

... and bobbles are super easy-- just follow the instructions.
Fabulous! Great colors and I love the photo. I'm going to try this next.
ha! so very pretty!
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