Monday, May 15, 2006


First Post!

I hadn't heard of this book until I saw it over at Rebecca's. WOW! I'm so excited about it now!

These are the dishcloths I've finished so far. I changed the pattern a little after the blue and yellow one, because I don't like weaving in any more ends than I need to. So, I just ran the colors along the sides without cutting them and then crocheted a border around it at the end. And it's a little shorter because, well, Mother's Day was coming up FAST and I was in a hurry :-)


OK - I think I have this figured out - how bad is it that a blasted warshcloth is kicking my butt!! Will post a picture when I am done.
Hi Jen, those are very nice washcloths. But you aren't suppose to cut the yarn, just carry it up the cloth. So you figured it out on your own ;)
I thought Ann (or maybe it was Kay?) said that this is a non-cutting, non-weaving pattern! I plan not to cut and weave myself, when I start mine!
The crocheted edge frames the warshcloth very well. I'll have to give that a try.
Really, you're supposed to carry it up the side? It looks yucky on that side if you do..

Hmmm, learn something new every day!
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