Sunday, May 14, 2006


Carolyn M

Hi Guys! Great to see all the wonderful things you all are knitting up! Thank you all for enabling my addiction!

Here are some photos of some beautiful log cabin variation that Carolyn M asked me to post:

The stripes are way cool. Some look like pin stripes and some like pillow ticking. Really a nice effect
Absolutely Gorgeous!
artistic and cool!
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They are wonderful! I wonder if that is self striping? There are just so many wonderful ideas on here.
They look great! Love the stripes. What a great idea.
This is fabulous looking - so many ideas!! I'm having trouble containing myself!

In other news - I was hoping to join, but the e-mail Christina at finishes there and I can't find any other info? Can anyone help?? Ta
E-mail Christina at and tell her you would like to join the KAL and she will respond.
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