Monday, May 15, 2006


Beginner's First FO!

I finished the Ballband Dishcloth! If you look closely enough, you will see a couple of mistakes, but I am pleased overall. Many thanks to all of you who encouraged me to go ahead with this project. It was fun, and I learned a lot. I also appreciate the help and other comments I received when I didn't know what to do about changing colors.

And a final thank you to whoever suggested using plastic needles with this cotton yarn! When I switched to the plastics, it was much easier and went much more quickly!

I plan to make a bib and burpcloth set next, and I'm thinking about yarns for a log cabin blanket.

Ann & Kay, thank you for your wonderful book!

Congratulations!! It looks great. :)
Congrats! I like the way the blue and green move through the dishcloth like a river - or is that just the photo?
I think it was the native americans who put an intentional mistake into every rug because only the gods could make something perfect (and if it wasn't the native americans it was some rug making group!!). It looks great, and though you will always note the mistakes, nobody else will.
Aha! Another convert to our knitting-centric (, focused...wait, delightful) world.
Welcome and your dishcloth looks great!
Congratulations. It looks great!
Anybody who looks close enough to see a mistake there is too close...they should be using it to wash dishes. :-D Very pretty colors! Stephanie B is right, the native Americans did put intentional mistakes in their art, and I think medieval Muslin artisans did too, because only God makes things perfectly.
Wow, you used exactly the same colors I did for my first dishcloth/warshrag! As a matter of fact, when I saw your entry I had to zip to the end and make sure I hadn't already posted.
Fantastic job!!! Congrats!
Carol, the photo colors are pretty accurate, so that's just how the varigations worked out.

Sue, I did a double-take when I saw yours too!

Thanks everyone!
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