Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Shopping Road Trip

A dirty job, but one of us has to do it :D
I reported in an earlier post about AC Moore having tons of Sugar & Cream. Onward and upward

Joanne (we have 2 in the area)
Sugar & Cream only. A nice selection, not as complete as AC Moore. I did find a lovely blue and a lovely pink ombres. In what is marked as "New Super Size" The solids are 4 oz. and $2.18 a ball. The ombres are also $2.18, but I can't see the weight.

Hancock (we have three of these in the area)
Lion Brand Cotton
Very soft, and nice large balls. 5 oz for $3.89. It looks more twisted then either the Peaches and Creame or the Sugar and Cream. The ombres seemed similar to the other yarns. But there were a few I had not seem before, including a lovely rose, green, tan ombre
on to
Wal-Marts (we have 5 of these in the area)
At the last Wal-mart I had been in they had a limited selection. Mostly faded ombres and a few solids. This Wal-Mart had cones. I got a cone of white. There were several more vibrant ombres. Someone put a ball of the ombre in with the cone of white in my cart. I have no idea who that could have been. :P
Peaches & Creame ombre 2 oz $1.27 one pound cone of white (they had white, tan and a lovely ombre) $6.64
The sales person told me they were doing inventory and expected more yarn in.
I would say if you have more then one Wal-Mart or Joanne or Hancock, hit them all. Especially the Wal-marts. Some seem to have larger craft selections then others.
I told myself on one ball of yarn per store as I do have some (hahaha some) left from my trip to AC Moore. I fell off the yarn wagon big time. So I better get knitting.
Ann and Kay this is all your fault. I have a sock that is 3 inches from completion, and it sits, ignored while I knit warshcloths ;-)


You are such an enabler! Now I need to check out Walmart, too.
Thanks for the in depth discloth yarn report!

I fell of the wagon big time too, and landed flat on my face at elmore-pisgah.com...the box of cones is coming soon.
The cones at Walmart were a different weight than the balls weren't they? I started to get one and for some reason decided against it... can't remember why. Instead I bought a bunch of the sunny yellow color and the blues and white.
I will have to look at Hancock and check out their cottons... didn't even think of them.
I thank you, but I am sure my husband is not as happy with your news. LOL
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The cones are one pound. I thought, a cone of solid might be "wiser" then a cone of the ombre.
I didn't look at the balls of solid at Wal-mart. But the ombre are 2 oz.

lyssa, a box of cones :D Wow, you go girl.

The real enablers are Ann and Kay, with their "Oh, but it is so inexpensive and you get so much." Next thing you know, you are knitting washclothes for the fleet :D
That was a dishcloth report worthy of Barbra Walters! Thanks so much for all the information. I find that Michael's has the best Sugar and Cream selection, I will have to investigate JoAnn's and WalMart. You rock girl, great info!
FYI, Hobby Lobby has an excellent selection of Sugar and Cream too--ombres, pastels, brights etc.
FYI, the "Super Size" Sugar & Cream ombres are 3oz.

I've been to 4 Walmarts and every single one has had the same colors of Peaches & Creme: white, ecru, yellow, blue, baby green, and a bunch of ombres. While a few of the ombres are nice, I really wish they'd start stocking more solids.

If you have one in your area, do check out Meijer. I believe they're only in the midwest between Kentucky and Michigan. They have a good selection of Sugar & Cream, particularly in the darker solids.
Yes I should have noted, I am in Virginia Beach. Stores in different parts of the country carry different brands and quantities
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