Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Sky Above Clouds...Washrag!

Washrag after washrag, those slip stitch pillows were reminding me of something, but what? I sat knitting and reminiscing and trying to access the memory that would reveal all. A little girl in her plaid Catholic school uniform climbing a wide, white stairway...was it Heaven? No, wrong soundtrak...that's it! Those pillows reminded me of the clouds in this (http://www.artic.edu/artaccess/AA_Modern/pages/MOD_4.shtml#--scroll down) incomparable piece at the Art Institute of Chicago were I spend many afternoons as a youngster.

This celestial dishrag is in the Gardiner Collection and does proud duty wiping Cheeto crumbs off the kitchen counter.

Sorry about the typos! My eyes were misted over from nostalgia. (By the way, the TB stands for Tragically Blogless).
It's uncanny how much it resembles Georgia O'Keefe's work. You must hang your wash cloth in your kitchen like the art work it is.
wow -- a truly worthy piece of art AND a dishcloth at the same time. It doesn't get any cooler than that.
Oh, wow! I'm really impressed. Beautifully done!
lovely interpretation-- quite clever and insightful!
That's so cool! I love how you did that.

Wow, I wouldn't know whether to wash dishes with it, or frame it!
Don't you just love Georgia O'Keefe -- you caught that perfectly - absolutely amazing -
That's beautiful!
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