Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Stack of Washcloths

Dscn1410 Dscn1414

Dscn1411 Dscn1413
taa-daa! the pattern is the mason dixon washrag. the yarn is peaches and cream and sugar 'n cream). the soap was snagged at the NHSW Festival.

I just love the colors of your washrags! Wonderful!
How lovely, like a bouquet of spring flowers. Beautiful work ;-)
Great washcloth colors, did you use all varigated?
Oh, so pretty! And your photography is wonderful!
Those are beautiful! And so well photographed. What yarn did you use? I don't recognize the bright colorway, and I love it!
LOVE THEM! Can you tell me what color you used for the bright one? I have to get it!
thank you everyone! the really bright colorway is a peaches n cream color as is the blue/green. unfortunately i don't remember the names of the colors. but definately peaches n cream.
Adorable - makes me want to make one or two, or a dozen!
these are amazing! what a wonderful photographer as well! multitalented woman! thank you for sharing them with us.
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