Tuesday, May 16, 2006


An Actual FO!

I didn't exactly follow the pattern for this one. All of my size 8 circular needles have run away, so I used a 7. That is until I needed dpns. Those were a size 6.
It makes a really nice wrapping for the candle. My MIL seemed to like it when I gave it to her. I wanted to do an i-cord tie, but as I was finishing it in the driveway of her house I realized that no matter how fast I knitted, the i-cord just wasn't going to happen. I'm thinking about knitting these every year, with bands of color on the inside for how old the grandchild is.
The log cabin is still being frogged. I just can't stand the lumps. I'm thinking about going up a couple of needle sizes, and maybe even making a different version. Is anyone else using Lion Brand Jiffy? If you've found a good needle size, please let me know.

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