Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Larger Picture of the "I Love Koigu LC Blankie"

Thank you for your complimentary posts about my Koigu Blankie. I have taken a full-sized picture, but I am the slowest in my group! My partner in CA has already gotten to 19 inches square. She will be posting soon, as will our other partner in crime. Meg? Are you listening? Sara in AL

It's beautiful..isn't it funny how the colors have changed their flavor a little from this perspective... the red not quite so dominant and the blues really shining. I gots to get some of that yarn.
my name is joy, and i am sara's knitting partner (also her sister)in california.
sara, that picture is just beautiful! you have the best eye for color i have ever seen!
Oh my gosh, a Koigu blanket! How perfect. The question is, who will be the owner of the treasure once it's done? (I'd have a hard time letting go of that one!)
hi leslie, that blanket is for me! I am knitting 'me' projects right now, then I will be getting back to knitting for my family. glad you like the lc blanket. the koigu is soft and drapey on 4's. I started out on 10" dpns, then switched to 24" circs, then have a pr of 36" circs next. I can always piggyback the needles when I need more length. Sara in AL
Just gorgeous! I love the way the softness of the Koigu colors blend in the log cabin pattern. I dug out my container of this yarn, and plan to start mine today. Finally, I'm inspired to actually knit something from this incredible book. How big do you plan to make yours? Shirley
Hi Shirley, I plan on making mine large enough to be a blankie to cover up with on the couch while I am knitting other Koigu projects!!Or I might just use up all my Koigu and make it big enough for my king sized bed.
I love Koigu! But my sister and Meg are the Koigu Queens.
gorgeous! what a great use of koigu...i love the yarn-i just hadn't figured out how to capture its beauty exactly. this is it! amazing!
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