Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Warshrags Met with Much Praise!

I was on a big "warshrag" kick last week. I knit 5 of them. The two there on the left were sent off to my maternal grandmother, along with a red and black one for my mom - all Mother's Day gifts like many of you. Then I finished another for my mom in red and jute that will be mailed out soon. I just didn't get it done in time for the mail the day the others went out.

I got a phone call from grandma on Monday afternoon and she was just singing the praises of the washrags and said grandpa really liked them as well. Her sight isn't too good and she's been kind of itching to knit again so she asked me for the pattern. I'm glad they inspired her to think about picking her needles back up!

My husband makes cheese and brews beer so is often using the dishrags more than I and he isn't a big fan of the knit ones. He says they stretch out too much when wet so he can put a finger through them. I thought going down to a smaller needle in combination with those slipped stitches might make for a knitted dishrag that passes his inspection. The smaller one below is knit in Sugar & Cream Country Ombre and Khaki if I remember correctly on smaller needles. In the dry state it has passed the test with DH, but I'll have to see what gets decided when it hits a sink full of dishes I guess.

I did discover that one standard ball of the solid colors can *almost*be used for the contrasting color on two rags and the main color on one. The jute in the red to the left is from the same ball as the jute in the two pictures above. I did have to cast off with the red on that one though. It was *so* close!

I think I'd still be knitting some of these if it weren't for a last minute baby shower for twins that I've been knitting like a mad woman for. It's a week away, yikes! But I might actually try the other rag pattern soon or perhaps do a log cabin rag... I love how easy it is to watch TV or a movie while knitting these and surprisingly, the cotton hasn't bothered my hands this time around! Yeah!

:-) Kristi

What yarn/colors were used for the top two. Those are gorgeous colors.
Yes, what yarn for your grandmothers? I want to get some, I love those colors too!
Thank you very much! The specs are on my blog at
Beer, Cheese AND Knitting?? Can you adopt me?
Thanks for the color info Kristi. Found some at the local Ben Franklin yesterday so its now in the warshrag queue.
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