Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Off Center Log Cabin

I've been working steadily on my Off Center Log Cabin - I posted about it here waaay back on May 8th - it's in the archives now. I have to say how great it is to see everyone's projects coming along so nicely! I love the new layout - thanks Cristina! It's also really nice to see that I'm not the only one that has come up with the totally crazy idea of knitting a whole bedspread out of log cabins!! Mine's a little different than any of the other one's I've seen out there though.

I've really been wanting to update on this here blog, but I really wanted to wait until I had a couple of design elements repeating - It dawned on me that 7 would work very nicely - only problem is that my life is busy and each square takes me more hours than I would like.

I finally finished the required square in the wee hours last night - and took all the squares to work with me, so I could take pictures with some good natural light. It took me a little time to find a likely spot to spread out and snap my pics - it ended up being the lawn on the office building across the street from me. I wonder if anyone wondered what the heck I was doing? I must have made quite the sight.

Here's a different angle - I wish I'd had the time to play around with the placement of the squares - the possibilities are almost endless if you rotate the squares into different configurations.

Anyway - I'm just happy I could share my progress so far!

These 7 squares represent just over 19% of the total project - I've used 580 grams of my stash cotton, and am looking at 6-7 pounds total weight. Should make a bit of a dent in my monstrosity of a stash!

You can see my current spindle project thrown in for scale - more pictures are on my blog - abiknits.

Have fun everyone!

I really like what you've done! I knit an assymetrical washrag today in pink and kelly green.

I'd love to do a bedspread someday. Alas, I've only been knitting 3 years so I don't have the stash for it. And purchasing all that yarn would seriously hurt my bank account. But someday...
That is gorgeous. The colors are so vibrant!
It is absolutely beautiful. The quilter in me is green with envy. How large are your individual squares?
i've seen a few log cabins out there since the MDK book came out, and have to say that yours is my favorite. i will definitely have to make one like yours soon.
Hi Abi, your's is still my favorite. Looks terrific!
Your LC quilt is darling!! You are very clever! Sara in AL
I LOVE it! Remind me again what type yarns you are using (is it Cotton?) and what gauge?
Now see, I'm going to have to knit a whole 'nother Queen-size Log Cabin blanket after I finish my current one now. I love the effect you're getting with the asymmetrical squares and the repeated color placement! Gives a sense of movement to the otherwise static LC design.
I love this and would love to someday make one. After baby knitting maybe... What yarn are you using? What's your gauge? How long does one square take?
just gorgeous! i love it..oh if I had the time, but my 3 month old leaves me knitting socks and thats it, for now...
I love this! It is by far and away my favorite!
Beautiful! I love the way the different widths of colors play with each other. Very cool!
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