Friday, May 19, 2006


Even More Warshcloths

It continues to surprise me how habit-forming (maybe even addicting) knitting these warshcloths is. Here's a couple more, with some soap, for a friend.

There will more of these in the future, as I've had a few stray thoughts:
  1. Summer's (hopefully) coming on and with it, more humidity. Since cotton takes awhile to dry, it seems to me that having a freshly washed one every day or two would be a "good thing".
  2. They make dandy little gifts when you need a little something.
  3. They're a small, portable project.
  4. They're like potato chips...betcha can't knit just one!
  5. I've got to do something with all that cotton that keeps leaping into my basket.

Hi! I just got my book in the mail today and am already very excited. I bought some variegated cotton today and thought it might not work well for a warshcloth, but it looks awesome on yours! Thanks for the great idea!
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