Friday, May 19, 2006


Mitre progress

Gosh, I love these mitres. With each start there are numerous possibilities. It makes me feel so creative. Anyway, I decided to sew up as I went along since I plan 4 at a time. I've only got 2 more additional colors than what you see here. They will be in the next set!

Those look wonderful. The mitred squares are at the top of my list to do as soon as I finish my baby log cabin. Why do I have to work? It sure interferes with knitting.
that is very cool.
What kind of yarn did you decide to use? The colors are beautiful.
Thanks yarngirl13! The yarn is Rowan cotton glace. Slightly smaller tension than a dk. I had 20 balls of light pink in stash and added the other colors.
This is beautiful. I love your squares and can't wait to see more! I hope you'll post the pictures as you go along.
Beautiful, and I agree with Cindra, work DOES interfere with knitting!
Knitting interfering with work also depends on your 'work'. I'm at home with a toddler and newborn. The squares are fit in between feeds, naps and before I pass out at night! So far my daughter likes this though so she'll allow me to knit through tellitubbies.
I'm also thinking of lining the back with fabric like a quilt. Any thoughts?
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