Saturday, May 20, 2006


My round, disobedient washrag

Just wanted to post this to encourage anyone else who's having knitting issues. Ever have a project that seems cursed from the start? My M-D Warshrag (the round one) was against me from day one. Dropped stitches beyond repair. Ripped out and cast on again. Not enough stitches at the end of rows to finish in pattern. Ripped out and cast on. Same thing. Put it in my basket and left it alone for a day. In the car I realized the problem - misinterpreting the pattern.

You see, a couple years ago, whoever taught me to yo said that you completed it by knitting into the next stitch. So on the eyelet round, I was k1, yo, k1, k2tog instead of k1, yo (just bringing the yarn forward), k2tog. I was more confused because the other washcloth pattern simply said yf. But I guess you only yf if you're not intending to make an increase or hole of any sort. Good thing I learned this on a washcloth and not on something bigger!

Anyway, with that figured out, I finally finished that row and continued. Then I discovered I was short a stitch. Trying to be calm, and not wanting to knit back to the mistake, I just m1 at the end of that row and kept going.

I conqured the cloth last night and it's getting ready to be packaged for a birthday gift. I think it's really cute and I'd love to have one for myself, but right now I need to get back to my log cabin bathmat. Good, trusty, non-betraying bathmat.

well it is good to know i am not the only one, this washcloth has given me so much trouble!
it shouldn't be this hard for me. i have knit much more complicated things, and the only new-to-me technique was bobbles, and they are easy enough.
so i cast on with US size 6 needles, because i tend to knit loosely and who cares about gage swatch it is washcloth. well it came out huge! i had to go down to US 4's.
then my bobbles were coming out on the back side of my work, so i ripped and reknit.
i am having a hell of a time with the eyelets round. i have done it over 5 times now! i just keep loosing track of stitches or something. ugg.
i think that i have it now tho. why is this so difficult?
I had the same trouble. I had to push the little bobbles to the right side of my work before I psso'd.
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