Sunday, May 21, 2006


Posting Photos?

Anyone else having trouble posting a photo here? There IS no button to upload a photo when I try to post. I'm on a mac computer, and using Firefox. ???

I just logged in and pretended to create a blog entry using Firefox and had no problems. Reboot your machine and try again.
I'm using Safari on a Mac, and have no problems creating a blog entry. But I also want to know how to upload a photo. Shirley
In the blog entry area on the toolbar above there is a little square picture. You click on that and it opens a window that gives you the opportunity to locate the picture you want on your hard drive and upload it the blog.
That's just it. I see the info about a toolbar and a little square picture to click to upload your pictures (in Blogger "help"), but there IS NO toolbar. Shirley in pa, are you having the same trouble I am? I emailed "Blogger", but haven't gotten an answer back yet. Just wondering how many others have no toolbar and no photo button. ??? I switched from Safari to Firefox, as recommended by Blogger. Still no help. Pretty frustrating.
sometimes it depends on which tab your in. "edit" versus "preview". i believe that the "preview" tab is the one with the little picture icon that you click on to upload. the "edit" tab is the one that show's all the code, etc....
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