Sunday, May 21, 2006



my name is lindsey...
... and i am a yarn-a-holic!

i love to buy yarn. some say i need an intervention. i get to most projects in a timely manner...well sort of! haha! shamefully i have to admit that i do not yet own this book, but have been drooling over a friend's copy for a month now. my birthday is coming up soon and i hope to enjoy it then. i have bought the pictured yarn to eventually make a bunch of baby bibs and maybe burp cloths for all those around me who are awaiting new arrivals who drool (not puppies silly...babies!). i found almost all of these wonderful colors at Hobby Lobby. as you can see i couldn't make up my mind on just the 4 i went in for! i had never seen so many to choose from-i usually don't seen such a great selection around here.
i want to say that i think you all are the most creative bunch of ladies around. i love looking at and reading about each of your projects! they are all beautiful. thank you for sharing them.
i will keep you all posted on the progress of the baby bibs. i have a baby blanket in the way of starting them right now. i can't wait for this silly baby blanket to be over so i can start on these bibs!!!

Really nice collection of colors, lindsey! And aren't the bibs and burp cloths great for baby gifts? I look forward to seeing yours completed. I haven't tried one yet.
The colors look wonderful... can't wait to see your posted projects!
Ooh, how I love good yarn pictures. That is pure yummy.
What is the name brand of the yarn you purchased? There is a Hobby Lobby in my town and I would love to get started on some of the bibs. Thanks
ditto..what brand of yarn did you get? It's beautiful!
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