Monday, May 22, 2006


Mason-Dixon: Force for Good

This, my friends, is a whole mess-a buttonhole bags. However, it is also a cool three grand. No joke! Read about it here. This bag has serious universal appeal. Three year-olds love it (Beth's Bunny is getting one made of all the leftovers), sixth graders love it (duh), grown women love it, and I'm constantly amused at the many ways that boys will think of to use it because they want one too, durnit! Yes, I made all of these, and yes, I am ready for a buttonhole break. However, I'll be back! That Lamb's Pride Bulky with her seductive mohair halo and beguiling color range...she won't let me go for long!

All I can say is Wow!
Double Wow! And even more impressive is your blog...where do you get that energy?
Oh, no...! Now I want a bunch of these too. They are really cute. Doubly impressive that they went for such great causes!
Beautiful bags! I would love to make some myself but mohair makes my break out in hives. Any suggestions for a substitute yarn?
The colors you used ARE wonderful. They are so pretty all lined up. Great job. Wonder how long THOSE take to make? Seeing how nicely yours turned out makes me want to try that next.
Hey there! In answer to your comments--they take about a day and a half to make. You could certainly do one in a day if you're a quick knitter and have the whole day to yourself. I think with non-stop knitting it would take me about 4 and a half hours to knit one. This bag takes Lamb's Pride Bulkly, doubled. If you wanted to avoid mohair, you'd just need to find another bulky yarn that felts, or you could quadruple up on some Cascade 220! As far as blogging energy, I'm just in love with it right now! Glad you like it.
I love this bag. This is the perfect tote. I have been looking for a unique bag. This would work great. Is the pattern for this in the Mason-Dixon book?
The pattern isn't in the book, but there's a link to it on my blog!
The pattern is also on the Mason-Dixon blog main page.
Jennifer - use any wool, it doesn't have to be mohair ... mine isn't!!
Oh my gosh!!! JulieFrick, this is Anna... you know my last name... (rhymes with still?) I found your blog! Ha! And I read it and loved it. You need to tell me where and how to buy the yarn to make the fantabolus button hole bag. I must make one!
Knitters Unite!
I knit a bag using lambs pride worsted, doubled on size 10 needles. it worked fine. I bet cascade 220 doubled on 10 or 11s would do well too (and would not have mohair).

mine started out as buttonhole bag, but I modified it. you can see the results on my blog at
Okay, great, now I have yet another new obsession thanks to your lovely bags! :):):)
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