Sunday, May 21, 2006


Hand towel- almost by the book!

Hi all, my daughter and her boyfriend are in town. They helped me paint the living room. That is, they painted and I knitted this hand towel for the mother of my daughter's boyfriend. It's made with Euroflax color Moss Lake and French blue. They are not exactly the same needle size( I used 3.5mm), but I had the Moss Lake left over from my first hand towel. I did it almost by the book this time. I changed just one row, so it's more wavey. And I had to stop, when I ran out of the green yarn. It looks totally different now that it is washed, dryed and ironed. The size is 14" by 19".

This is lovely! I'm working on a towel and warshrag set for my grandma, so your project is inspiring me to get stuff done.
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