Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Use The Force

Finally finished this Euroflax hand towel, and was reminded why I never knit with less than a size 10 needle. The knitting process was fraught with much anxiety as the fabric blend puckered like nobody's business. Luckily the Mason-Dixon book had Jedi Mind Tricked me into continuing: "Trust the fabric..." And I did, and all was well with The Universe. A note on the pattern: I usually consider patterns as suggestions of what might happen as opposed to hard and fast rules of engagement. Since this was for my grandmother, I needed to throw in some lacy-ness at the bottom. I thought about adding some beads to up the fancy-ante, but that would have meant a trip to Michael's or AC Moore, a possible delay of 3 months considering how often I will get in my car and drive up the Rockville Pike. No thank you, ma'am.

I so know what you mean! My LYS...or my most local...happens to be in downtown Detroit. And all the ladies look at me like I'm slightly retarded when I mention that I don't come in often because I don't like to drive there by myself, or without my husband! It's not wimpy, just smart!
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