Wednesday, May 24, 2006


MDK and Supporting Breast Cancer Research

Hi Everyone,

I've been a MDK reader for quite a while now, and Ann and Kay graciously signed a copy of their book so I can auction it on Ebay. I'm going to donate the funds raised to the Breast Cancer 3 Day event that I'm participating in this August (walking 60 miles in three days). I haven't put the book up on Ebay just yet because I wanted to let folks know the auction was going to be happening, but I think I will put it up within the next day or so and the auction will be open for a week.

I have a feeling I don't necessarily have to sell the book to all of you, but if you have a friend whom you want to start knitting, wouldn't this be a great gift? :) If you'd like to visit my fundraising page for the Breast Cancer 3 Day (or make a donation) please visit: My Fundraising Page . If I can answer any questions about the 3 Day or most any other subject, let me know at

Thanks and Happy Knitting!


This is such a great idea!
Fabulous idea!
Thanks! The knitting community is so friendly and generous to begin with that I thought it would be a good place to fundraise.
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