Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Mitre Squares are taking over my life....

Hi Folks! It's great to see all these fabulous projects you are doing! I can't believe I am seriously considering knitting a washcloth! I don't even use one - I'm a sponge sort of girl, I don't think we have even got a dishcloth in the house, and here I am considering how nice one would look drapped artfully over the tap!!

I couldn't wait to get started on something when I received the book, and due to a spate of "Clown Knitting" for various birthdays I had bucket loads of nasty acrylic yarn left over in just about every colour imaginable - so I started on the mitre square blanket (pic below). At the moment I'm about 58 squares in, I've actually started sewing some together (which I was previously dreading) and have doscovered I LOVE MATTRESS STITCH!! It's fantastic - I just love the way fabric zips together when you pull!! (So I haven't knit so many squares this weekend for sewing - might as well make use of this while it lasts, coz lets face it - it's sewing! I'm sure the notion will wear off sooner or later!)

Here are about 40 of the squares laid out in the sun last week (no pics of the sewn up ones - the light is terrible as it's rained constantly for about three days - think we may be heading back in to winter!!)

That's beautiful!
I'm smitten with the mitered squares, too. I've got 25 wooly ones.
Good to hear the sewing isn't horrible.
Once school is out, that's what I'm going to be doing!
I love the mitre squares! Mattress stitch has never been my favorite, though...if I could get past that, I'd be starting one of these blankets in a flash.
Looks awesome, love the sunny colors. Just ordered yarn to start some miters myself.
your mitred squares look great! so pretty.
I can't believe you like sewing together. That's the most hated work to do for me. Your squares look very colorful, which is NICE! Waiting for a finished picture now. Don't slow down ,girl! ;o)
Wow. That's a lot of ends. It looks great, though. Good luck with the finishing!
It's beautiful! I'm sure the finished blanket will be awesome!

I have so much Caron Simply Soft from when there was a baby boom in my family and was thinking of doing the exact thing you've done; a mitered square blanket. I'm thinking I'll be using the almost seamless techinque Kay posted on the MDK blog.

I've been itching to start one, but MUST finish the Moderne Log Cabin I started a month ago.
Your blanket's looking great! I'm working on one also, but much more slowly than you - thanks for the inspiration!
Thanks for all the lovely comments girls! I had thought about the log square blanket as it's such a great idea, but the thought of all those rows getting longer and longer leaves me cold, that's what I'm finding so easy about the mitre squares - the rows get shorter and shorter, and changing colour every time keeps me interested!

I would have loved to do the 'no-sew' version, but was so keen to start I'd done 32 squares before Kay did the big reveal meaning any future squares would be 2 rows longer, so i had to stick to the original plan!
That's beautiful! I love all the colors.

And bonus, I now have something to do with all the Caron Simply Soft that's hanging around my living room!
Wow! Lovely!
This is really nice, I'm still waiting for my yarns. So much for no pastels or primaries. I guess it's just a different look than in the book...I like it, it's cheery!
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