Thursday, May 25, 2006


Absorba, the Great Bathmat

Luckily I had an extra week to finish this gift for a friend.
It's a fairly quick knit, but this time of year is so busy for us that I haven't been able to just sit down and knock it out.

Because I was too impatient to order the double worsted, I used four strands of Sugar'n Cream worsted (2.5oz) held together - two strands of Ecru, one of Light Ecru, and one of Cream. I used US 15 circulars (plastic). The pattern's gauge is 9 sts + 17 rows = 4" and the finished dimensions are 18" x 27". My gauge is 9.5 sts + 17 rows = 4", and my finished dimensions are 18.5" x 24.5". If I do it with four strands again, I'll probably use US 13's to make things a little tighter. The plastic needles helped speed things along with the cotton, but they caused me to knit a little loosely. And I might make an extra round of strips to make it a bit bigger.

I used about 2.5 balls of each color to complete this variation of the pattern. At my craft store, each ball costs $1.27. Isn't it amazing how knitting can turn $13 worth of cotton into a special gift? I think this, plus some warshrags, could make for a great housewarming/wedding present. Hooray handknits!

I'm really happy with the finished product. The combination of neutrals creates a really warm texture. Oh, and it feels wonderful between the toes. Thanks Kay and Ann!

Absolutely stunning! The combination of ecru/cream shades is especially beautiful and subtle.
That is beautiful... I can feel it's softness... got to have! Thank you for your detailed revisions.
It looks very expensive and like it came from a fancy store. Gorgeous!
I'm so glad that you posted this! I've been seriously considering making the bathmat, but I just wasn't sure about the worsted vs. double worsted issue. You've officially convinced me to dive in! It's gorgeous! Great work!
It looks fabulous! Thanks for all the details. I want to make one, but will have to adjust the size for our tiny bathroom.
Your bathmat is GORGEOUS. It is the item in the book that made me just buy the book on the spot! I am glad to know some info about gauge and needles, and that it doesn't HAVE to be P&C (which I cannot find). It's beautiful, and you should be proud. I can just imagine how soft and nice it would be to step on. We're heading out for some giant needles and cotton!
It looks great! I can't wait to try one for my parents (retiring to Florida soon...should fit right in w/the decor!).
This is awesome! I was truly drawn to the book as well because of this pattern. I really need to know about this Peaches & Cream and Sugan & Cream. Is it a brand of yarn? It seems that every blog I read, someone's mentioning it, and I feel like I'm missing out!
ooh i can't wait to go get some peaches and cream for this project! thanks for telling us how much you used!
It's wonderful. Thanks for sharing the info on yarn. I was wanting to make it with the 4 strands, but I was imagining much more yardage (and expense). Now I will definitely have to start that one too.
i love your rug!!!!!
Thanks for all the happy comments! My friend loved it.
I just stumbled onto this site. Would you pls. email me the name of the book with this great bathmat

I just stumbled onto this site. Would you pls. email me the name of the book with this great bathmat

Thanks for posting about using the regular P&C vs. the double worsted, it's nice to have an alternative. I ordered the double from Elmore Pisgah, it's a bit like wrestling alligators to knit with 3 strands of it on 15's, but the FEEL of the bathmat is so luxurious! I'm thinking one of these with a half dozen matching warshcloths would make a very nice housewarming gift. But, this first one is for ME! LOL
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