Sunday, May 28, 2006


Hello, my intro, and my first FO's

I got Mason-Dixon Knitting about 2 weeks ago, and fell in love with the designs! I've been lurking on the KAL until I had a chance to actually work some of the patterns.

I did the baby kimono first, in about two evenings at home in front of the tv. I haven't attached the ribbon yet, as you can see. I used Trendsetter's Scoubi-Du cotton blend (color 706, if anyone cares) instead of the Peaches 'n Cream, and it turned out great!

I did my first warshrag last night, and immediately started another one on the needles. I am using the Sugar 'n Cream for them.

I did play around with a small log cabin square, which I then folded up and felted, and it's now an iPod cozy! :)

Can you post pics of the ipod cozy? Love the kimono colors.
will do. It's not something I'd have kept for anyone but me though - it felted sort of weird, and it's weirdly shaped!
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