Saturday, May 27, 2006


Streak of Lightning layout

Hey everyone, Still enjoying seeing how much fun everyone else is having with their log cabins. I've been working really hard on mine - I've almost 10 blocks done. I'm just one log short of a cabin. In more ways than one probably... Anyway, I was playing around with the layouts today, taking pictures... Having the neighbours wonder what in the heck is she doing? But I was having fun :-)

This particular layout is called Streak of Lightning.

I still have 26 squares to go - I've been working for 5 weeks straight, every chance I get (I do work full time, and have a newish boyfriend, and not as much time to knit as I'd )like. But I reckon that at this rate it's going to take another 13 weeks... (or forever whichever comes first). I am still having fun with it, but I think I'm going to have to add something else to my current projects list. (Icarus shawl from the new IK).

There were some questions on gauge etc... from the last time I posted here that I should probably answer. The squares are approximately 12". My center square is 20 stitches by 20 garter ridges and measures 3.5 inches, so my guage is somewhere around 6.5 stitches per inch. I swear I thought I was using 3.75 mm needles when I started! Darn not checking first - turns out they're 3.oo mm... But it's great fun, and I'm determined that it will get done, just not right away is all.

Anyway I hope everyone that has a holiday this weekend has a great time, has fun, and stays safe!!


Wow. I was thinking of doing a log cabin just by starting in the middle and going around until I was done. Just cause I hate sewing up. But this is so pretty!
It looks great in the "Streak of Lightning" pattern! Nice colors.
I love this. Great use of color. Well worth knitting into eternity.
Looks wonderful!
Love it! The off-center adds such an interesting feel to it.
SO beautiful! I love your color choices and the layout.

Hey, my name is Abi too! I don't meet too many people who spell it that way.

You are tenacious! They colors blend so well together! I agree with you about the IK Icarus shawl. It's gorgeous! I think the name has something to do with its mystique. Great job!Suzanne
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