Friday, May 26, 2006


First Post

Hi Everyone, I joined a few weeks ago and just realized I had never posted! I'm having a very hard time deciding just what to do first. I love every pattern in this book. My first thought was to start right from the very beginning and do the book start to finish, but then everytime I turn a new page, something else catches my eye. I love everyone's pictures of their finished works and now I'm inspired to get going. So with that, off I go to make up my mind and get busy. Thanks so much for having me. Donna

I agree with you Donna! There are so many choices in this book. I have quite a few that I intend to try. i like the felted boxes, the log-cabin things, the pianobench cover, etc. I may even try the nightie! Welcome to the blog...Happy Knitting!
Welcome Donna. I've got a list also. I ended up starting with washcloths just cause I got my hands on that yarn first.

I hate to post within your topic, but I am new too and am trying to join. I sent an email to Christina, is that all there is to do? So far I still cannot post my own topic, only reply to others.

Thanks! Kristin
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