Sunday, May 28, 2006


First MD FO!

I just joined this great KAL and here is my first FO:
Felted Box:
I used Araucania Nature Wool Chunky in colorway 117. I used double strands and so only two skeins were used and I have a good amount left over. (131 yds/skein)
I used US 10.5 bamboo clovers.
This yarn is beautiful pre-felted as well as felted. There is a lot more color in the yarn in real life, I think the flash freaked out the color in my pic.
Totally fun and easy quick project. I cheated and didn't single crochet the sides together. Just sewed them up....can you tell?
Glad to be here, I look forward to seeing more FOs and having more FOs of my own!
Allegra @ FiddlesticKnitting

Very nice. I love the Araucania for felting.
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