Monday, May 29, 2006


Finished MDK project #1

Well, after knitting oodles of EZs Baby Surprise Jacket, I did this Baby Kimono in Baby Teri. I thought that I would be ever so clever and have it finished way early (delivery date in July) but there were complications and now my Co-worker and her new little boy will be waiting to go home for a while. Otherwise all healthy and well.

So now, I need to whip out those needles and get to a good commuting point for this: Yup, it's a warshcloth.
Although, seeing the fabulous Kimono posted already in this yarn, maybe the tiny baby needs a tiny Kimono....

That is one beautiful baby kimono sweater. You are a very talented person. You should be proud.

This has been an unbiased opinion from Elysbeth's husband
Well, this isn't Elysbeth's husband but I have to agree with everything he said. It is beautiful!!
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