Tuesday, May 30, 2006


My First Warshrag!

Hi - This is my first post! I've been reading all your posts and loving everything I've seen so far. I love the Mason Dixon knitting I've seen so far and I can't wait to try everything!

I finished my first project today - a warshrag! I'm so excited - it was so easy and so much fun. Instant gratification! I chose some nice bright colors and I can't wait to make more. Here is a picture of the new addition:

I think I may line the back with a dishtowel to give it more substance.

What do you think?

Cute! Let us know if you find any dishcloth material that is as vibrant as these great Peaches & Creme and Sugar'n Cream colors! I'd love to line some of mine so that I can use them as potholders.
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