Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Dishcloth and kimono

Here are my first two projects from MDK - they sure won't be the last! Sorry the pictures aren't better - I thought I was being all professional with the black background - ha! For more information / pictures, please visit my blog. P.S. - I've really enjoyed reading the other posts in this KAL - lots of great ideas here!

What a hoot! I loved the little plush animal in the kimono! Very cute!
A short sleeve kimono - Brilliant! I'll have to try that next...
This is the cutest Kimono ever!
I love the short sleeves! Very cute, and it looks like it might be easier than the full sleeves?
That is so cute!! I think that I like it better than the long sleeve, but maybe that is because it was modeled so well. :-)
Thanks, everyone!

Yeah, the dog modeled for me, but it was under protest. ;)

Sundidesus, I've never knit the long sleeve version, but I would guess that yes, the short sleeves are easier, since all you do is leave them off! Less seaming this way, too. The only part that might be challenging is the ruffle for people who don't know how to crochet.
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