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Best Sources for Peaches n Creme

I have the book, but I have yet to make anything (too many other things going on). Anyway, I saw on the MDK blog, that there are a ton of ombre colors available in Peaches n Creme. My nearest JoAnn and Wal-Mart have only a limited selection. Does anyone have store suggestions? We're going back East (live in CA) this summer. Should I hit AC Moore? Thanks.

The only place I can find Peachs & Creame locally (Virginia Beach) Is Wal-Marts. Our JoAnn only has Lion Brand cotton, ACMoore has Sugar & Cream. Michaels had a limited selection of Sugar & Cream. Maybe Hobby Lobby, if you have one. There is always mail away or online.
The Walmarts here in MA have P&C, AC Moore, Michaels are are S&C. Walmart is limited colors.
edit: Hancocks has the Lion Brand cotton. JoAnn has the Sugar & Creame

If you have more then one of these shops check them all, they vary in what they carry and quanity.
Happy Shopping
My Wal*Mart has by far the biggest variety of any of these yarns. No other store comes close in my neck of the woods. I'm guessing that if you submit a suggestion to stock more, plus tell them about The Book That Is Sweeping The Nation, you might get results???
p.s. Wal*Mart's price here: $1.27 compared to $1.99 at all the other stores here.
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If you're passing through the Midwest on the way, try Meijer. They're located in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. My store probably has a better Sugar & Cream selection than JoAnn.
Hobby Lobby has the BEST selection of colors of sugar and cream of anyone in the nashville area! i suggest going there if there is one around. they have all the verigated AND the solids. so pretty! i went nuts! baby bibs here i come!!! hope this helps!
If you're willing to wait and order them online, the best prices can be had at

Just search under - knit & crochet (tab at the top) then, Yarn (on the left), then by brand, then Lily.

I think it's $1.33 a ball.
you can find sugar n cream from the joann's website as well.
I found with what seems like hundreds of colors, at I will be ordering when I get home so I can have my very own warshrags
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