Thursday, June 01, 2006


Crazed Idea...

Would anyone be interested in a Peaches and Cream Swap? My Wallyworld only has big cones of some colours, and while I would like to sample a full spectrum of bus commute warshclothes, I don't want pounds of all the colours.

Any one else with cones that shalln't become multiple projects? I have a little scale I use to measure sock yarn (it's a food scale actually) and thought -It shouldn't cost much to post warshcloth amounts of colours.

If we get several comments showing interest, I can organize a swap. Or, if this is just a sugar induced brain binge, then just keep scrolling until you get to more of the mesmerizing pictures! : )

LOL - do you mean Wal-Mart? I thought only my mom called it Wally World. I'd be interested in a swap!
i am interested!
I'd definitely be interested in a swap!
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