Monday, June 05, 2006


My first finished object

Despite many, many UFOs, I just couldn't resist starting to make things from MDK any more!!

So a little project to start off with - and my first ever (intentional) felting, too.

This is the middle sized felted box, made with that old favourite: I-lost-the-label-but I'm-pretty-sure-its-100%-wool, which didn't get gauge, but I think it looks ok, and has worked out about the right size to hold CDs or DVDs (I dried it on a bunch of DVD cases after taking this photo).

I have some of that yarn too - buried in the bottom of stash containers. I wasn't going to make a felted box, but I also could use a small DVD holder. Thanks for the idea. Yours is beautiful - my favorite colors.
Love the colors!
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