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MD Washcloth Desperation

Well, I thought I would graduate from the Ballband to the MD on a circular and DPNs. Guess I was kidding myself! I spent hours last night trying to start this project. I started with Cotton Chenille, which actually broke, believe it or not. Then I moved on to some Fantasy Naturale cotton I had in my stash. But I'm starting to think maybe it's not the choice of yarn, it's the person holding the yarn! I desperately need help with the bobble part of it - this process has me stumped! So, does it mean I am knitting into the first stitch 3 times before lifting it off the needle? And when it says "turn" does that mean actually turn the project around? But then where to put the yarn is confusing me. And the sl1 - is this slip as if to knit or as if to purl? And finally, pass the slipped stitch over - over the two I knit together? And then take them off the needle, or the one I passed over off the needle? My bobble turns out so terrible - I just know I'm doing something wrong! HELP!

It's not you! Any one would be frustrated with breaking yarn... Take a deep breath and we'll get through it.

Yes, you're doing all the bobble making in one stitch before you lift off the needle. You knit in the back, front and back again before you take the stitch off the needle. Yes, turn the whole thing (you'll be working only with those 3 stitches for a couple minutes) purl those three stitches. The yarn in the front to purl. Turn and knit them, turn and purl them. Turn and then slip the first stitch (I've been slipping knitwise) then knit two together and pass the slipped stitch over the one stitch you just made. You'll have one stitch left on your needle, which is what you started with. Now you can go back to the rest of the stitches, working them to the next bobble.

I hope this helps.
By knitting into the back, front, and back again of that one stitch, you're creating three stitches on your right needle, and you drop the one stitch off the left needle. "turn" does mean to turn to the other side of the work (it's called short rows sometimes). Because you are alternating rows of knit and purl, your yarn should be on the correct side of the work once you turn it. To create the bobble you'll only be working with these three "new" stitches you created from knitting into the back, front, and back of that one stitch.
In general, whenever a pattern says to slip a stitch, you slip it purlwise unless the pattern specifies that it's supposed to be knitwise. So, once you slip the stitch, you'll knit two together, then lift the slipped stitch over the k2tog (which are now one stitch on your needle), just like you do when you're binding off. So you have created the bobble and returned to one stitch, thereby not changing your total stitch count!

Oops, I just saw that someone else has now posted, but maybe this will help too.
Don't feel too bad... I tried it too, with the intentions of sending the finished product to a friend for her birthday. Well.... let's just say it was a L-O-S-E-R!! After I did the row after the eyelets, I gave it an objective look, and frogged the whole thing. I will try again in a day or 2. But I think I did learn something.. for one thing, I think I can get those bobbles right now, because I saw what I did wrong. My biggest problem is focusing enough to keep count of where I am in the pattern. ADD is not a good partner in knitting, LOL>
Many of my friends have had trouble with chenille in general. It snaps so easily, I guess because of its texture. It gets "stuck" when you try to pull it through. Maybe it will be easier to work with if you go up a needle size.
Don't feel bad! I just started one this weekend and am still struggling. For me, the bobbles were easy to figure out (btw, there's an index of terms in the back of the book that might help figure out any abbreviations you don't already know - or in my case, THINK you know!). The part I'm struggling with is the decrease round. They started off at the bobbles but then moved to beyond them. I'll probably frog it tonight and try again. I'm determined cuz the ballband cloth isn't as appealing to me (though I did just buy a bunch of yarn to make some as gifts).
Heh, I'm with ya Lynsy! I have more row counters...

I've been ok with all the MD patterns, but I have a lace stole I'm working on that well, lets just say I've had to tink it back more times than I'd like to count 'cuz I forget which part of the pattern repeat I'm on! The row counters work really well for me for rows, but I haven't figured out a good system yet for keeping track of where I am within a row.
Thanks for everyone's great words of wisdom! I tried the bobbles again...My first one looked awful, but my second one looked much better. However, it turned out on the wrong side of my work! I am ripping once again! I WILL conquer this pattern!
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