Saturday, June 03, 2006


I've caught the mitered madness!

I have to say that I've officially been diagnosed with miter madness! I love knitting them up...there is something so satisfying about knitting these small stripy squares. I've talked about this afghan over at my blog, but I thought I'd share it here too. My sister is having a baby at the end of this month, and since I come from a family of knitters we thought we'd knit this little baby boy an afghan! What you are looking at it is almost (we're not quite done yet!) 80 little mitered squares! There were 6 of us knitting on it, so it has gone really quickly. Lots of love went into knitting this afghan. His mommy, daddy, aunt (that's me!), 2 grandma's, and one great grandma all helped in knitting it. Now comes the daunting task of seaming it all up!

These squares were knit with Tahki Cotton Classic. I love this's a mercerized cotton and a real joy to work with. Each square is knit in garter stitch. You just cast on 48 stitches and decrease in the center by knitting 2 together twice every other row. Easy peasy! I would love any tips that people have for seaming these squares up. Of course I'll be looking to the Mason Dixon girls and their fabulous book for help, but any other tips would be much appreciated!! Thanks!

this is amazing! what a lucky little boy!!!
that is beautiful. What a loved little boy!
Oh my gosh -- that is beautiful - what a lucky little guy to get that great blanket so full of love.
Awesome work. The projects in this book are just so addicting.
your afghan looks great! i just bought tons of that yarn for a log cabin.
Gorgeous - wonderful choices of color - a lucky little boy indeed.
Lucky baby and lucky mommy. The colors are wonderful.
Oh my gosh your blanket is amazing! The squares themselves are nice, but when you have it layed out for a blanket, oh wow it is awesome. What a wonderful gift!

Glad to hear you highly recommend this yarn. I'm dying to do my own mitered squares, but I'm still deciding on colors. You and your family have done a great job!!
Easy Peasy? Someone has been reading Sophia Kinsella. Love the miters! It looks fabulous!
What a wonderful gift! This little boy will have a great start in life...his family's love that will envelop him during many a days and nights.
Looks amazing - I love the colors!
That is so beautiful! And so much fun to have so many relatives working on it together. Wonderful present for him!
AMAZING !!! what a wonderful thing for him to have forever!
I love the whole idea of the family doing this together. WOW! Even the dad. That's just awesome. Someday when this blanket is threadbare, this boy will think about how much love went into it. He's a lucky little boy. Good for you all.
Very Cool ~ Great color combos and a wonderful layout! What an heirloom!
Gorgeous! I seamed mine up 4 squares at a time. I put them all together and did 2 seams - one up and one across. The first seam sort of hangs on at the middle as you go across to the 3rd & 4th squares but it firms up once you do the second seam. Does that make sense?
Hi Stacey, I love this garter stitch blanket SO MUCH.

If you want to make life a little easier, it is possible to crochet the squares together. Goes a bit faster and you get a very flexible, durable seam with it.

Lucky boy, lucky family. xox Kay
I've done 2 in cotton classic and also love that yarn. I did blocks of four and then knit on 16 row borders. It really set the blocks off nicely and meant less "sewing" which stinks--you have to do it slowly so the lines line up. There is a photo relatively early in this blog if you want to take a look.
I am absolutely in LOVE with the colors you chose! You have totally inspired me! I had pretty much decided that this pattern wasn't for me, but you blanket is beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished project!
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